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Dox Detangling Brush with Edge Control Tool

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What's better than the ease and convenience of our Dox Detangling Brush? Our Dox detangling brush with an added edge tool for precise styling of those baby hairs! This is the styling duo to help you step your styling game all the way up! We just want to save you time and money without compromising style with this multi-functional must-have.

  • Excellent material: Made of high-quality sturdy and durable ABS materials
  • Unique design: The arc-shaped circular comb can be used for a scalp massage. 
  • The width of the comb can be adjusted according to the density of your hair.
  • Save time and minimize breakage, hair loss & split ends
  • Perfect for all hair types from 3a to 4c
  • Double-sided brush/comb edge tool

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