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Curl Creme of the Crop

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Curl Creme of the Crop is an herb infused curl cream for naturally curly or kinky hair specifically formulated to accelerate hair growth with repeated use.
Part Number: WHC020
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In a saturated world of curl creams, the Curl Creme of the Crop stands in a class of its own. In fact, the Curl Creme of the Crop is being referred to as the unicorn of the natural hair care arena. The heavenly vanilla scent of this one of a kind mystical cream is an attention-grabbing compliment magnet.

Comprised of the finest growth inducing herbs nature has to offer, the Curl Creme of the Crop is ideal for hydration, definition, and growth for both kinky and curly natural hair textures. The high potency of our organic plant-based ingredients allows you to use less product without compromising hair health and style. Sold in an 8 oz. jar. 

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